Log Analysis Essential Training Workshop

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Log Analysis Essential Training Workshop


Workshop Overview

Reading and understanding security logs has always been a challenge for anyone who aspires to be a true Security Personnel. In today’s security threats & analysis landscape, security experts around the world are aware of the importance of logs and the challenges in managing it.  The ability to manage & analyze logs is fundamental for a security professional to perform critical evaluations and decision-making required in security workflow activities & management. Regardless of the nature of present and future security risks, logs will play a fundamental part in the ongoing security effort.

Across all of the investigation on targeted attacks, insider thefts, abnormal activities and malicious events, or to reconstruct the events of an intrusion, one thing is clear: Logs are extremely important. Again, across all the security standards from ISO27001 to PCI & SOX, there is a commonality: Logs are required to comply with regulations and law. However, the benefit of reading logs outweighs the challenges. From daily monitoring, improving operations to incident response, logs are the supporting evidence.
This course provides Security Personnel with knowledge in reading and deciphering security logs, allowing them to have a better visibility of their existing network landscape and resolve challenges in handling Logs Management.

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