//Tecforte Enhances Security Management Offerings

Tecforte Enhances Security Management Offerings

Tecforte enhances security management offerings via collaboration through an MOU Partnership with the University of Salford, UK on four key research areas:

i) Cyber Threat Intelligence
ii) Darknet & Deepnet Analysis
iii) Malware & Vulnerability Analysis
iv) The Internet of Things (IoT) Security & Forensics

Manchester, UK – Tecforte, a renowned security information & event management (SIEM) platform provider, looks forward to a faster and efficient market penetration via international technological and commercial collaboration as its marketing strategy.

The company has just recently signed the MOU with University of Salford (UK) in Manchester, United Kingdom as part of the MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) delegation led by their CEO, Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood, together with SysArmy & LE Global Services from Malaysia. The CEO of MDEC, Dato’ Yasmin and Dr Ali Dehghantaha, a resident Cyber Security and Forensic researcher, (speaker at BIGIT Technology Conference at Malaysia 2016) were also there to witnessed the MOU signing ceremony that was facilitated by MDEC to help grow MSC status companies.

The MOU-collaboration aims to significantly intensify the research of cyber security intelligence in Tecforte’s solution through advanced R&D on Machine Learning Technique and Darkweb Analytics. TecForte will provide the testbed platform that integrates with rare-source intelligence from DarkNet & Deepnet, as well as machine learning environment for Malware & Vulnerability Analysis.

Both parties, Tecforte and The University of Salford will work together to support the development of research, training and projects of joint-interest. Enhancement to Tecforte’s Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution with AI capability which includes:

a) Applying machine learning capability to analyse darkweb
b) Deep net feeds and malware campaigns
c) Provide a testing platform for integration to enable Darknet Intelligence
d) Employing machine learning, pattern recognition, game-theory and visualisation techniques for Cyber Threat Intelligence
e) Provide feeding campaigns investigation results
f) Enable Tecforte with the capability to predict darknet threats via SIEM and machine learning capability.

“This is indeed a very timely and significant R&D cooperation required for the creation of Next Generation SIEM platform together with our plan to expand on exports”, says Victor Ching, Chief Product Officer at Tecforte.

Tecforte existing clientele consists of many large public & private organisations including Government Ministries and Agencies, Financial Institutions, Telecommunications, MNCs and Large Conglomerates located in Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. The company plans to expand their operations internationally with a main primary focus to penetrate a total of 5 and 10 Asian countries in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Through the collaboration and research done across the globe, Tecforte solutions will be more than equipped to handle all the latest security requirements and demands of clients in the near future.