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ELITE – Elevating IT Education in Cybersecurity

ELITE is the first of its kind Cybersecurity Educational Outreach Program by Tecforte, aimed to provide university students with industry-like experience in cybersecurity operation for better career readiness and employability.

ELITE (which stands for Elevating – IT – Education in Cybersecurity) features a live learning environment using Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform where students will be introduced to hands-on cybersecurity operations.

Through ELITE, students will be able to gain the first-hand experience to perform real-time security monitoring, fortify network defence with global threat intelligence, launch faster and more accurate response to cybersecurity incidents.

Introductory Video on ELITE

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ELITE Empowers The Next-Gen Cybersecurity Workforce

Elite helps the students to be fully prepared and ready for their professional career in Cybersecurity by providing them:

  • On-the-job Training as the University IT Professional

  • Cybersecurity Laboratory for Research & Experimental Works

  • Practical Application and Validation of Theory & Concepts Learned

  • Enhanced Hands-on Learning on Key Cybersecurity Skills

  • Industry-like Experience in Live Security Operation

For more information on ELITE, please email us at elite@tecforte.com

Download ELITE Brochure