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Enterprise Security Management

Better IT Security Management with a total threat detection, analysis and compliance management.

Log Radar was developed to address the critical need for an efficient SIEM administration and integration within its deployed environment. Security users will be able to tap into enriched data, powerful real-time correlation and to mitigate advanced threats with clear resolution.

Log Radar will enable you with better SIEM control and efficient implementation within its deployed environment.

  • Get up to date network overview by viewing real-time log details on interactive dashboards
  • Web Based Centralized Management Console
  • Log Consolidation from heterogeneous sources eg. Windows Servers, Firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN etc
  • Normalization of logs instantly deciphers raw logs into easily understandable expression
  • Upholds top service level performance with instant alert upon threat identifications
  • Automated sorting and categorization of attacks naming convention from heterogeneous sources
  • Simplifies Standard Compliance with more than 200+ of built in report templates for ISO 27001-2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX etc
  • Flexibility of generating distributed reports at multiple branches, as well as centralized reports at HQ
  • Frees up technical human resource with computerized processing of security log
  • Asset Management
  • Powerful Correlation
  • Smart Analysis Tool
  • Data Enrichment
  • Innovative Incident Management
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • 2-Tiers Event Filtration Option
  • External RSS Feeds
  • Custom/Notification Template
  • Custom Reports
  • Course of Actions
  • Informative Cyber Threats Map

Enhanced User Experience

We’ve worked with many organisations to understand the essential requirements and is well aware of all the issues encountered while administrating SIEM. You will experience a better SIEM control and efficient implementation within its deployed environment.

Outlook of a Better SIEM Technology