National CyberSecurity Operation Consultancy

Towards a Secure Digital Nation

NationGard is a National Cybersecurity Operation Consultancy service designed to equip National Agencies with their effort to render their national systems safe and to protect the data and networks from cyber attack or disruption.

A high level of cyber security intiatives have to be implemented and adhere to in order to create a strong cornerstone that will help to protect a country’s digital assets and subsequently economic wellbeing.

The CyberSecurity Operations Consultancy makes it simple to have an overall enhanced visibility over Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII) or any sectorial network which not only helps improve security but enables other improvements to be made through better operational overview and intelligence. Typically, the top 10 sectors of Critical Sectors or CNII are:

(a) Government’s Services
(b) National Defence and Security;
(c) Banking and Finance;
(d) Information and Communication;
(e) Energy;
(f) Transportation;
(g) Emergency services;
(h) Water;
(i) Health services; and
(j) Food and Agriculture

The main objectives for the set-up of such initiative are:

  • To reduce the cyber security risk within the country by improving its cyber security and cyber resilience.
  • To provide authoritative and coherent cyber security and cyber incident advisory so that effective incident response to minimise harm can be implemented, help with recovery, and learn lessons for the future.

For greater visibility and speed in order to counter cyber threats on critical sectors, more governments and national security agencies are setting up a nationwide security management system & portal to perform critical cyber-security coordination, governance & control functions.

Some of the implementation benefits include:

  • Effective guidance and advisory based on proven experience and expertise
  • Increase governance and control on your nation’s critical information infrastructure
  • Attain holistic visibility Nationwide and Sectorwide on cybersecurity
  • Reach higher level of resilience and coordination in the event of cyber crisis
  • Strengthened cyber security skills & readiness in national security

Why the urgency for it?

Countries around the world are having to cope with cyber threats which are increasingly unpredictable & damaging. Any incapacity or destruction of those assets, systems and functions that are vital to the nation or critical national information infrastructure (CNII) would have a devastating impact on National Defense and Security, National e-Sovereignty, Nation’s economy’s stability, Nation’s image, Government’s ability to be functional and Public Health & Safety.

NationGard will be able to help clients implement a successful National Cybersecurity Measures based on proven expertise and experiences.