//SectorGard is Everything a Sector-lead and Regulator Needs for Stronger Resilience, Sector-wide.

SectorGard is Everything a Sector-lead and Regulator Needs for Stronger Resilience, Sector-wide.

With rapid growth of sectoral-based cyber-attacks and threat in this digital age, the Government must extend its reach onto the cyberspace to strengthen on resiliency and governance across the Critical Sectors.

SectorGard is the leading Sectoral Security Management Platform that automates the collection, analysis and sharing of relevant threat intelligence among organizations that have the same or similar risk profiles – for a truly sector-wide collaboration on Cybersecurity.

Beyond the expected functionality of a typical Threat Intelligence Platform -TIP (from collection, detection, investigation and collaboration), SectorGard will further facilitate sector-wide TI (Threat Intelligence) Operation with its Sectoral Community-Oriented Features that include the following:

  • Sectoral Safe Intelligence Sharing where sensitive information within contributed data can be effortlessly gathered, sanitised and anonymized by SectorGard before being shared to protect the privacy and confidentiality within the financial community
  • Sectoral Broadcast & Communication that facilitates timely & curated announcement based on qualified analysis, while providing a discussion channel for information exchange for groups or the entire sector-wide community securely; all from one single integrated SectorGard platform.
  • Sectoral Benchmarking & Scorecard that will compare all the members within sectoral community in real time to measure their respective performance among their peers, and the industry as a whole; SectorGard  helps the sectoral community to achieve continuous improvements and adoption of best practice through this.
  • Sectoral Exposure Level that correlate vulnerable asset against known cyberthreats in real-time sector-wide and the individual member within the sector.
  • Sectoral Community Management Control that provides individualized portal access for each entity or user; SectorGard leverage on RBAC (Role Based Access Control) to ensure that each user can only view data and perform actions permitted based on the authorisation within their specific role and organization.

Examples of Critical Sectors

A Financial Sector that consists of a Central Bank and the Financial institutes; or the Telecommunication Sector that typically sees all Telco & Internet Providers being led by the Communication & Multimedia Commission.