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MSSGard & SectorGard

Purpose-Built for Large Scale Cyber Security Operation

The All-in-one Platform designed for Large Cybersecurity Operation, including but not limited to  Managed Security Service (MSS), Security Operation Center (SOC) and Threat Intelligence Management (TI).

Developed on multi-tenancy architecture, the platform consists of core components such as analytics, compliance, course-of-action and a myriad of cybersecurity management capabilities to accommodate a complete end-to-end operational requirement to achieve the highest level of cybersecurity resiliency for the entire community.  (For examples,  MSSP & Managed Clients, Sector Leads & Sectoral members, Central Banks and Financial Institutes, etc) 

MSSGard: A system with fully-integrated functions with Security Information & Event Management, Incident Management, Correlation & ML Analytics, and Compliance Audit Reporting. Purpose-built for top-class security operation in large conglomerates and MSS Providers.

SectorGard: The platform caters for Regulators and Sector-leads to enhance the cyber resiliency and provide the additional layer of cyber security for the entire sector as a whole. It comes bundled with Global Threat Intelligence sources and advisory targeted to specific sector. (For example: FSI, Government Sector) 

  • No large upfront CAPEX investment
  • Affordable start-up size as low as 2k EPS
  • On-demand Licensing for profit protection 
  • No need to ‘pre-load’ or bulk oversizing
  • Flexible and based on demands
  • Complete assistance in the new-setup & operation of new MSS/SOC/TIP with BOT professional services (Build, Operate & Transfer)
  • Complete Walk-Throughs and Hand-holding period throughout the set-up and after.
  • Offers complete functions required for an end-to-end security management services environment
  • Real-time, high-volume activity processing for all platforms, infrastructure and applications
  • All-In-One Single Management Console -Comprehensive single console management for complex, multi-domain, sensitive environments with supporting modules e.g. portal reporting, ticketing etc.
  • Multi Tenancy Architecture - To confidently support full featured Security Operation for large communities
  • Assured segmentation of customers data and reports for large organizations. 
  • Ensure privacy of information and no data sharing in between clients.
  • Ready to implement SOC/MSS/TIP support standards and knowledge base
  • Training / User Guidance Walk-throughs Workshop available
  • No costly technology refresh every 5 years - Periodic HW & SW enhancement when made available by R&D
  • Flexible architecture and high scalability to meet changing Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Management needs

Enable the best-in-class security services: Managed Security . Managed SOC . Managed Threat Intel

The global managed security services market is expected to grow from $8 billion in 2015 to $30 billion by 2020 based on industry leading survey reports. Today, Managed Security Services presents one of the fastest growing industries in the market. MSSP will be able to hold their role to the highest standard with MSSGard when it comes to reliability, functionality and flexibility in their deliverables to clients.