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SOC Consultancy

Total Next-Gen SOC Enablement as a Service

At Tecforte, we help our clients and partners build the Next-Gen SOC that is capable of providing the next level of security assurance. We strive to raise your SOC’s ability to predict, detect, prevent and respond, while reducing the cyber risk for the monitored environment as a whole.

We tailor our services to fit your needs, so that you can leverage on our team of consultants with proven track record in excellence, expertise and experience that have assisted the setup of some of the most advanced and complex SOC initiatives by organisations from FSI, Telco & Government sectors, Critical Information Infrastructure and National Security.

We help our clients to build SOC 2.0 that can provide the next level of security assurance to predict, detect, prevent and respond effectively. For more information, please contact us at


Our market leading Cybersecurity Consultants, Analysts, Researchers, Developers and Testers can help you build up a competent SOC and custom design a Security Management Platform that is tailored to your needs.

For more information on how we can help you set-up SOC 2.0, please contact us at